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Check Out What People Have To Say About Our BlueLight+

These days, its adapt or die... going 100% virtual can come with some baggage. Blue Light keeps your brain switched on, which is great until its time to go to sleep. Using BlueLight+ has allowed me to double down on my online content, but protect my sleep and health. Want to perform? Use BlueLight+ (Stella is a MA, ATC, PES, CES)

Mike Stella

I have been wearing my Blue Lights regularly for a month now. And I honestly notice a solid difference. I feel less strain on my eyes during long bouts of work at my computer. My eyes feel less tired and I have no more aches after work or even reading on my ipad before bed. I love these things.

Greg Gurenlian

For me, the best part about these glasses is the constant improvement with each pair. First solving problems with the BlueLight+, to comfort and style . Im proud to be part of a company who is evolving on a daily basis

Kyle Harrison -PLL