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Classic Sunglasses

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Classics are timeless and work for most face shapes

Explore the complete collection of classic sunglasses online at Tomahawk Shades. Classics work best on oblong, oval, and round face shapes, but can be worn by anyone! These shades come available in multiple color combinations with a choice of lenses. From matte black to glossy tortoise shell, we’ve got a wide range of frame options to help you customize your look while staying within your budget. Order your own pair of classic sunglasses today!


Matte Black / Smoke


Matte Black / Sunset


Glossy Tortoise Shell / Smoke


Matte Black / Silver

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Wayfarer FAQ

Q- What is wayfarer
A- The word wayfarer means someone who travels by foot, but in todays world it is knows as one of the best selling sunglasses ever produced!

Q- Are wayfarer sunglasses comfortable?
A- Wayfarer sunglasses are one of the most popular styles in the sunglasses community, with millions sold you cant go wrong!

Q- What brand of sunglasses did JFK wear?
A- Tomahawks of course!