Chris Hogan

2X Super Bowl Champ / Tomahawk Investor

Lacrosse player tunred 2X Superbowl Champ...Doesn't get any better then that! An extreme athlete both on and off the field, Chris Hogan is one of the most competitive guys we have ever met! This translated into him becoming a vital investor and partner of the Tomahawk team.

Kyle Harrison

Lacrosse Legend / Tomahawk Investor

Talk about paving the way for generations of lacrosse talent to this day. A name that will go down in history, as one of the top lacrosse players of all time. Kyle and Tomahawk were a perfect match for both his style on and off the field. Some would even call him the Michael Jordan of lacrosse!

Jon Jay

World Series Champ / Tomahawk Investor

In our opinion, one of the best game saving catches came from this man right here! A pivitol part of the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship Team and now a Partner here at Tomahawk. Now a coach with the Miami Marlins, this guys carrer is far from over!

Dan Descalso

World Series Champion / Tomahawk Investor

We are nothing short of World Series Champs with having Dan part of the Tomahawk Team. His knowledge goes far beyond his playmakings skills and has now translated into a business mindset. Not only is he a perfect fit for our team, but was also teamates with Jon Jay during his World Series run.