Worry Free Warranty / Replacement Policy

7 years ago we set out on a mission to help our community look and feel better by providing them with stylish and high quality eyewear that doesn’t break the bank. We spend countless hours inspecting our products making sure that when they get to you they are the best sunglasses you will ever wear. We fully stand behind our products. However, life happens and things break or get lost. That’s why we created our Worry Free Warranty & Replacement policy so that you can do what you love and not have to worry about breaking or losing your favorite sunglasses.


We will replace all of our sunglasses and Bluelight+ glasses up to 2 times under our worry free warranty / replacement policy. You simply pay a processing fee and shipping that is a fraction of the retail price. Pricing for replacements listed below:


Tier 1

$9.98 USA Replacements
$24.98 International Replacements

Tier 1 Covers:
Elite Class
Grasshopper Class
Warpig Class
Tempest Class

Tier 2

$19.98 USA Replacements
$34.98 International Replacements 

Tier 2 Covers:
Ranger Class
Pathfinder Class
Wrecker Class
Marksman Class
Striker Class
Maverick Class
Valkyrie Class
Setinal Class
Limited Editions
Intrepid Class
Recon Class
Athletic Club

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