The 5 Best Men's Sunglasses for Men with Big Noses

The 5 Best Men's Sunglasses for Men with Big Noses

The 5 Best Men's Sunglasses for Men with Big Noses

The 5 Best Mens Sunglasses for Men with Big Noses

Sunglasses are one of the most important pieces of everyday apparel for many men. They help protect against harmful UV rays, blue light, make driving easier, and are a stylish way to add to your look. However, what should be a simple search can sometimes turn to a nightmare for men who struggle with a big nose. Today narrow fits are popular and cheap materials are all too common. That is why we have compiled a list of our favorite sunglasses for men with big noses. Each of the sunglasses listed below are stylish, high quality, polarized, and have the added benefit of being the perfect way to hide a super sniffer!

01. The Neuralyzers

These sunglasses are part of the classic, Elite collection, as the name suggests, the Neuralyzers are designed to be the perfect staple sunglasses that can be worn with anything and never go out of style. This versatility applies to more than just their ability to fit many outfits, they are also the perfect sunglasses for men with larger noses. If you constantly struggle to find the perfect pair of sunglasses to fit your face, then look no further.

02. The Stonewalls

Another staple type of sunglasses that have been around for years are aviator sunglasses. Conveniently, they are also great for people with big noses. This is especially true for the Tomahawk Shades class of Recon Class, our favorite being the Stonewall because they are a little bit larger than your typical pair of aviators. The Stonewalls are a great way to distract from a big nose in comfort and style!

03. The Bennett

Perfect for the working gentleman looking for sunglasses to fit comfortably over a large nose without looking out of place. The Kingsman Class sunglasses from Tomahawk Shades are a great fit. They have thicker frames than most which makes them much sturdier for the active man. This also helps to increase their presence on your face and help to decrease other, possibly larger, facial features.

04. The Hamptons

Similar to the Chesters, another popular style from Tomahawk Shades, the hamptons offer a wider and definitive frame. Sometimes, for those who struggle with a larger looking nose, the issue can sometimes be a narrow head rather than a wider or longer nose. In this situation the hamptons would help to round out the overall proportions by adding extra width in a stylish way. The ones we recommend come from the tortoise collection.

05. The Bragg

On the more modern and regal end of the spectrum, the Tahoes are a great pickup for many situations. Their wide frame with rounded lenses will complement a large nose well and are a popular style for the modern city dwelling business man as well as the coffee shop hipster. Their versatility make them a great choice for a daily sunglass and are hard to go wrong with.

Where to Find More Sunglass Options for Large Nosed Men

The picks above are simply our top 5 picks and Tomahawk Shades has much more to offer. A rapidly growing company, Tomahawk Shades offers high quality sunglasses at a bargain price. Their inventory is constantly growing so you can always find a style to fit your lifestyle. We have options for all face sizes and shapes and plenty more great pickups for men looking to dwarf a large nose.  

Common Questions About Sunglasses For Men With Big Noses

What are the best styles of sunglasses for men with huge noses?

This depends on many different factors including comfort as not all styles will feel great on everyone with a big nose. As a general rule though, you will want to stick to sunglasses with larger frames and rounded edges to help decrease the space your nose takes up in proportion to the sunglasses.

How Should Sunglasses Fit?

Unlike other apparel options this is mostly up to personal preference. Generally you will want sunglasses to fit comfortably around the head without too much pressure or squeezing. If shopping online a great way to ensure the perfect fit is to check the sizing guide listed with that pair.

How to Style and Outfit with a Large Nose?

If you struggle with a pronounced nose it can affect more than just your sunglasses. When trying to put together a fit to dwarf a big nose it is important to stick to layers and baggy/larger fits. This will help make every aspect of your person look proportional to your nose.


Should I get Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarization is important as it helps to filter out additional glare from sunlight that bounces off of bright Surfaces. This makes polarization almost a necessity in the modern era with polished metal and tinted windows around nearly every turn.

Do I Need XL Sunglasses for a Big Nose?

The short answer is no. Although some brands offer XL options or “wide” pairs, it is all going to come down to what feels and looks best on you. If you put on a regular or more narrow pair and you feel confident and comfortable with how you look than have no fear buying that pair.


How Many Pairs of Sunglasses Should I have?

This is mostly up to personal preference and budget but keeping two sunglasses around at all times is a great way to ensure that you always have a color and style for any occasion. The more limited your collection the more strategic you will need to be however, for example, if you only have two sticking to mostly neutral colors like black and brown may be best.

How Should I Style My Hair with a Big Nose?

Similar to styling the rest of your outfit you will want to stick to larger hairstyles with more volume to help correct the common proportions of the face.

How Much Should I Spend on Sunglasses?

This entirely depends on your budget. Around 60-100 dollars is not an uncommon amount. For men with big noses however, we recommend buying your favorite pair regardless of price as it is often a long search to find a pair that fits well and is comfortable.


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