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Tomahawk Shades Featured in Spy's Favorite Sunglasses of Summer

by Andrew Shapiro |

We work hard over here at Tomahawk so there is nothing better than seeing our hard work pay off! Shout out to the Tomahawk Family for continuing to spread the word and help grow our community, you guys are the best!

In this article, P.J. Gach from selects 19 of his Favorite Sunglasses of the Summer and we are so honored that our Tamboras Sunglasses made the list at #9!

We like P.J.'s taste with the Tamboras sunglasses from our Grasshopper Class. These are a bit of a unique look that are loved by so many of our loyal customers. When rocking the Tamboras, you are sure to stand out and be the most stylish in your crowd. For $45 bucks, these are a steal.

Get your Tamboras Sunglasses today!